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Johnny Depp just entered Gory's detail about his fingertips cut off during his marriage to Amber heard 

What he said was the last straw for him to end it.

JD said they were in the middle of another battle in Australia - and came out of exacerbation and frustration

He went to their bar to pour liquor ... this was after months of drunk. He said Amber continued the attack, 

Not only with insults ... but with a bottle of vodka, which he claimed he threw him and who made contact with his hand.

Johnny said that he realized that he missed his finger and that he was heavy-blooded - and at that time 

He said he had nervous and surprising interference ... which caused him to write on the wall in his blood 

Peak and expression of all he processed and Feelings at this time about Amber. He went on to say that he was finally 

Taken to the emergency room Where he said he was lying about what had happened 

Telling them that he got his finger jammed at the door, wanting to protect Amber. Finally, however 

He said he told his real personal doctor and after some time, fix it with surgery. Shortly after that Johnny said he ended the relationship.

Depp makes more claims about Amber, including the allegation that he will drink excessively and do 

The ledgers around him - even during the period when he said he tried to consciously.

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