Sobe took the world by the storm and if you did not give play at the daily game, we can guarantee that you saw the elusive squares in all social media.

The goal of the game is to find a word of 5 letters in just six attempts.

The game uses the same rules as Scrabble, where only the actual words are allowed both in assumptions and the result.

If you get a letter in the right place and form the correct word, the square turns green.

But if the letter guessed is in the word but not in the right place, the square becomes yellow.

Wrong letters turn gray to help the process of elimination of the six tests.

Tip trick today Thursday, April 21

If you always try to save your strea, so do not scroll down, maybe indications send you to your path.

The word today begins with the letter O and ends with the letter EHe has three vowels.

It is an oxygen binary compound with another element or group. What is the Fortuny's answer today, Thursday, April 21?

If you have abandoned today's game, we can save you misery. But those who are always trying to crack the 5 letter code, they turn now.

The game was created by Software Engineer, Josh Warle, who recently announced that he had sold the popular words game in New York Times.

In a statement on Twitter, he wrote: "Since the launch of Sobe, I am impressed by everyone who played.

"The game has become bigger than ever that I have never imagined (what I guess it's not if a feat I made the match for an audience of a one).

It was amazing to watch the game as much joy at so many people and I feel so grateful for the personal stories 

You shared with me of Sodle uniting distant family members, provoke friendly rivalries, to support Medical recoveries.

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