There are a lot of graphic violence and NSFW language in Amazon Prime Video's blockbuster superhero satire

The Boys. When it comes to expressing his own opinions, creator Eric Kripke is also unapologetically R-rated.

It is the third season of The Boys's controversial series that directly attacks the NRA, which is back in the news after

the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 kids. The Boys season 3 was written before current events

But Kripke says it reflects the status quo when it comes to the NRA's influence over gun control and guns in America today.

'I think the NRA's f***ing insane,' he says in the utmost candor. In addition, I think our gun culture in this country is insane.

It was insane when [these episodes] were written, it's insane today, and it keeps happening. I just wanted to emphasize

The absolute terrifying absurdity of it. "It's tragic that it's so recent, but it also happens all the time."

During The Boys's third season, Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) plays a major role as a Captain America-esque hero from the past 

who has been missing and presumed dead for decades. Soldier Boy was known for his kid sidekick, Gunpowder

who survived the bloody battle that killed his mentor during his heyday. Former Young Indiana Jones Chronicles star 

Sean Patrick Flannery portrays Gunpowder, a star on the gun show circuit, where he espouses pro-firearm rhetoric to acclaim.

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