This month, Americans in two states and homeowners across the country will receive COVID relief checks.

While it's unclear whether a fourth payment will be forthcoming from the federal government, Maine and 

New Mexico residents are eligible to receive stimulus checks as a result of state legislators and governors 

who pushed for more payments due to decades-high inflation.

The first round of $850 relief checks will go out this month to residents who have filed state 

income tax returns for 2021. The state will make payments until the end of the year as it receives more income tax returns.

The state income tax return must be filed by October 31 in order to qualify. However 

they cannot be claimed as a dependent on another's tax return, and they must earn less than $100,000 if they are single, 

$150,000 if they are a head of household, and $200,000 if they are married.

Approximately 858,000 residents will receive stimulus checks worth $729.3 million.

New Mexico will also offer tax rebates in June.

Earlier this year, the Legislature approved a stimulus measure that will reimburse single filers $250 and joint filers $500. 

In August, the Legislature will send out a second payment of the same amount.

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