"Shark Tank" hasn't yielded any profits for Mark Cuban

Entrepreneur who is worth billions of dollarsDespite not being a Dallas Mavericks fan, "Shark Tank" made Mark Cuban

A household name. According to the Full Send podcast, the billionaire has not made money overall from his portfolio of investments.

A podcast host asked, "Are you following 'Shark Tank' investments all the time

A venture capitalist asked, "Like, up financially?". The beat has taken its toll on me.

It turns out that what makes for good television doesn't necessarily make for good investments.

During a regular screening for the virus, Biden tested positive. Until he tests negative, he is isolated in the White House. 

However, "Shark Tank" brought the (dramatized, edited) inner workings of venture capital to the mainstream. Sharkalytics reports that Cuban has invested $7 million

Since 2009, the ABC show has invested nearly $20 million in 85 companies across 111 episodes. 

Cuban's own website lists 54 investments, but he omits old investments like Breathometer, Cuban's biggest loss on "Shark Tank"

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