Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Commanders, was alleged to have committed sexual assault in 2009. 

The NFL's investigation into Washington's toxic workplace culture is scheduled to be heard by 

the House Oversight Committee today. Several years ago, 

one female employee alleged that Snyder asked her for sex, groped her and attempted to take her clothes off 

on a private plane after returning from a business trip in Las Vegas, according to a letter sent to 

The Washington Post by "an attorney for the team to the woman's lawyer in 2009."

The letter states that Snyder denied the allegations and a team of investigators has accused her of fabricating 

them as part of an extortion plot. A settlement was reached between Snyder 

And the woman and the woman agreed not to make public the allegations

or sue him in exchange for $1.6 million, The Washington Post reported.

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