The fourth stimulus check for 2022 is already dropping for thousands of Americans - see if you qualify

Over 60,000 Floridians are waiting in line to receive checks for $450 as payments have already begun.

Sunshine state families will receive a one-time direct payment to ease their financial burdens.

Residents must meet the following requirements to qualify for the one-time payment of $450:

2. Relative caregivers

1. Foster parents

3. Non-relative caregivers

5. Guardianship Assistance Program participants

4. Families receiving TANF cash assistance

Governor Ron DeSantis said the funds could be used for anything from buying diapers to filling up at the pump.

All checks should be sent out by August 7, and no application is required.

The tax-free holidays have become a popular way for states to help residents save money.

Help from tax-free holidays

Currently, 17 states offer tax holidays for items such as school supplies, gas, and food.

This year, families with elementary and high school students are expected to spend $864 on

Back-to-school shopping, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). In the pre-pandemic era, that amount was only $697.

Americans aren't strangers to stimulus checks.

Past stimulus checks

In the past, the federal government has responded to nationwide emergencies in a similar manner.

The New Deal compensated farmers and individuals for reduced production by sending direct payments.

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 included rebates of up to $600 per taxpayer and $300 per child.

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