Massachusetts lawmakers want to help Americans overcome the soaring costs and gas prices.

In a joint statement on Thursday, Massachusetts Senate President Karen E. 

Spilka and Speaker of the House announced that lawmakers would establish 

A fund to provide rebates to residents of Massachusetts. According to the Massachusetts Legislature,

increases in prices, whether they be gas, groceries, or summer clothes for kids, have slashed family budgets due to inflation.

An individual would receive a $250 check, and a married couple would receive a $500 check.

All taxpayers earning at least $38,000 in 2021 would receive a single round of payments. 

If the income of a single person exceeds $100,000 and the income of a couple over $150,000, 

They would no longer be eligible. The majority of people will receive their payments before September 30.

It is estimated that the plan must pass both the House and Senate by July 31, the end of the state legislature's session.

Rather than allowing large oil companies to profit from economic uncertainty and international conflict, 

the legislators said the rebates represent their commitment to providing immediate financial relief to Commonwealth residents.

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