Players who starred for both Everton and Manchester United in the Premier League

When Everton hosts Manchester United on April 9, Donny Van De Beek will not participate.

He could not play due to a thigh injury, but even if it fits, he would not qualify as a loan player to Everton from the Red Devil.

The Dutch is just the newest player to switch from Old Trafford to Goodison Park, or vice versa, for years.

Indeed, some players have moved between clubs more than once, and a list of players who have represented

The two clubs stretching from the most famous players with some names that might surprise the reader.

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The only place to start this list, Rooney is the most famous player

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And the only person who has moved in both directions.

Rooney came through the Everton Academy. He made his debut in August 2002

And scored against Wrexham that year to set a new record as Everton's youngest goal scorer.

It was quickly clear he was heading to the top

And after 77 appearances in Everton's two seasons, he moved to Manchester United. He was number 8 when he arrived

And would go to become a legend of the Red Devils Club.

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