ManpowerGroup Inc price ManpowerGroup USA Revenues from America

Reported impressive first-quarter 2022 results, with both earnings and revenues beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate.

The bottom line benefited from improvement in business mix and robust demand for higher margin offerings.Revenues of $5.14 billion 

Surpassed The consensus mark by 0.7% and inched up 4.5% year over year on a reported basis and 9.8% on a constant-currency basis.

The top-line growth was driven by growth in higher-margin offerings and higher levels of permanent recruitment activity. Experis and

Talent Solutions grew a respective 31% and 10% on a reported basis, and 15% and 13% on an organic constant currency basis (cc). Manpower declined 2% on a reported 

Basis but was up 5% at organic cc.Over the past year, the ManpowerGroup stock has declined 18.6%, against 9% growth of the industry it belongs to.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 2.92% from 2.85% late Monday. Bank of America rose 1.7%. Smaller company stocks outpaced 

Revenues from America totaled $1.25 billion, up 24.8% year over year on a reported basis and 25.7% at cc. In the United States

Revenues came in at $889.4 million, up 46.1% year over year. In the Other Americas subgroup, revenues of $361.8 million declined 8.2% on a reported 

Basis and 5.9% at cc.Revenues from Southern Europe were up 1.6% on a reported basis and 8.4% at cc to $2.19 billion. Revenues from France came in at $1.19 billion

Up 0.3% on a reported basis and 7.7% at cc. Revenues from Italy amounted to $445 million, up 10.5% on a reported basis and 18.6% at cc.

The Other Southern Europe sub segment generated revenues of $556.5 million, down 2.1% on a reported basis but up 2.7% at cc.

American Airlines and Union Pacific will report their results on Thursday.

Northern Europe revenues moved down 3.5% on a reported basis but were up 2% at cc to $1.09 billion. APME revenues totaled $618.2 million, down 1.5% on a reported basis and 6% at cc.

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