Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged again

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been engaged to the second time after responding to

The previous appointment in 2004, representatives for Lopez were confirmed to CNN on Saturday.

Lopez shared a video from him who appeared emotionally and wore a green engagement ring in his bulletin "in Jlo.

His younger brother Lynda Lopez shared photos from the video on the Instagram story of writing, "So this happens. Love you @Jlo @ben affleck."

The couple met in 2001 in the Rom-com set "Gigli," where they play criminals stick to work together

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And they hit real life friendship.

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While the film fell, Affleck told entertainment every week in January that he did not regret because he "did meet Jennifer,

The relationship with whom was really meaningful to me in my life."

Affleck questions appeared to Lopez in 2002 with an amazing pink engagement ring.

But the couple delayed their wedding days before the marriage in 2003, said in a statement

Because of excessive media attention around our marriage, we have decided to delay the date.

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