Walmart's CEO is McMillon. For more information about Financial Literacy for All initiatives and a full list of member organizations,

visit Bryant is the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE.

Our country is still facing supply chain issues, rising inflation, worker and wage pressure, 

and rising interest rates even as the worst effects of COVID-19 have passed. Many Americans struggle to understand all this-and to 

plan around it-due to a lack of financial literacy. Millions of Americans are at risk of losing their American Dream 

when they do not have adequate knowledge. Increasing access to financial education is an opportunity and a responsibility of

the private sector to help solve this problem.There is a great need for such an effort. 

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority reports that only about a third of Americans have a working understanding of interest rates, 

mortgage rates, and financial risk. Over the last decade, 

financial literacy has declined by 19 percent. In 2020 alone, 

Americans are expected to lose more than $415 billion because of this gap.

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