Google finished its two -hour I / O keynote, which was absolutely filled with news. We have heard of AI

Android and, of course, a plethora of pixel equipment. Here are the biggest announcements we saw on Wednesday.

Google announced its new intermediate level phone, the 6A Pixel, which will cost $ 449 when it is available for pre -order on July 21. 

The company seems to return its usual script for this phone - the models previously presented a camera comparable to that found on the flagship pixels of Google, but had lower processors.

The 6a, however, has the chip and the design of the pixel 6 tensor, but opts for a camera of 12 megapixels compared to that of 50MP on standard 6.

Oh, and despite the fact that Google published a two -minute announcement on the Pixel 5A headphone jack last year, the 6a does not have one. WOMP WOMP.

The material of the Pixel Watch watch has been carefully disclosed, so it is not surprising that it appears on this list, but 

Google finally gave us a look at what the software will look like. The laptop will run an update version of Wear OS 3 and will have a Fitbit

integration which allows you to keep track of your health measures. There are still unanswered (and very important) questions about the watch, however

The members of the security staff of the two teams followed Chriss to try to prevent the incident from rising more

We do not know what type of chip it will be powered and that we know how much it will cost. It should be launched later this fall alongside Pixel 7.

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