French elections - France's Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen, known leaders standing for Presidential position

On April 24, France would vote whether to choose the President of the Pro-Business Centrist 

Emmanuel Macron or opposed the decade of the mainstream agreement that supported the distant sea pen.

The far marine Le Pen - Heiress has changed the first national front fronts to change his father's free market, a small party becomes a big expenses, protections.

He wants to introduce the "buy French" scheme for general tenders

Cut the lowest retirement age of up to 60 for people who start working before the age of 20 years

Eliminate income tax for those under the age of 30 and cut VAT on energy from 20 percent to 5.5 percent.

He plans to spend 2 billion euros ($ 2.18 billion) in 5 years to increase the wages of hospital workers and employ more than 10,000 heads.

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Teacher's salary to rise 15 percent in 5 years.

A political scientist in Sciences-Po, Gilles Ivávdi, stated that his party's economic policy was more left wing than in the decade.

Emmanuel Macron - Emmanuel Macron wants to expand the supply side reform executed in his first term

With the main manifesto board to raise the minimum retirement age to 65 of 62.

In 15-20 hours of training, the leader promised to make some benefits of welfare

The same as the policies in countries including the United States or Britain. Unemployment insurance

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Which currently covers up to two thirds of worker wages for two years if they lose their jobs, will be bound to economic forces.

To stay loyal to the motto "not right or not true", he also vowed to make automatic benefits for those who qualified rather than require applicants to register.

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