Elden Ring's huge rebalancing 1.04 patch also patches Patches

Elden Ring was always going to have some huge patches post-release. A game with that much land, dialogue 

And weapons will inevitably have some creases that need ironing out. This latest update, patch 1.04, does a lot of that work, rebalancing and reworking many spells 

incantations, weapons and more so the game plays as intended. It's not all balance, though, as Patches the NPC is also getting some work done.

The pile of patch notes released by Bandai Namco covers a huge number of interactions, rebalances and adjustments. 

From shortening animation times on status effects to buffing The Grafted Blade Greatsword, there is a lot to dig into

Most notably, however, the list of major changes includes this line: "Added some event phases for the NPC Patches. Now, we're not

Sure what that means exactly. Patches, as an NPC, moves around quite a bit as you play, shifting his wares from place to place

So while the patch notes aren't exactly specific The implication is that he's going to crop up in more places and cause more mischief.

Along with Patches, Millicent is also being tweaked. After helping her at Miquella’s Haligtree, she'll be protected by a barrier 

Because too many people were accidentally killing her. Good save, FromSoftware. Other changes include an option to turn the camera auto rotate function on and off 

Slightly increasing FP and stamina growth rate at lower levels And making the casting of 'Kick' faster. Madness, as a status effect, is also a little more deadly now

Taking more time to Recover from its build up Though when you're finally affiliated the animation will be shorter. 

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