Residents of Pennsylvania could get 30% of their child care expenses refunded through a child tax credit

As the enhanced federal child tax credit (CTC) reverted to $2,000 per child in 2022,

Similar initiatives by the U.S. government have been declared "dead."

As a result, many states have developed their own child tax credit programs, 

Which vary in scope and credit amount. As of now, Pennsylvania is one of 

12 states offering tax relief through state-legislated child tax credits or deductions. 

In addition to several spending programs, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently approved a $45.2 billion budget.

In a program designed around the federal CTC, Pennsylvania families are 

Eligible to receive a 30% tax break for child care expenses. Despite the announcement not specifying income details, 

The plan is expected to mirror federal child tax credit income eligibility. 

According to WITF, $24.6 million is being used by the state to fund the program. 

Residents with one dependent can claim up to $3,000, and those with two or more dependents can claim up to $6,000.

In addition to an increase in spending by 2.9% over 2021-22, the new budget includes

A one-time 70% property tax rebate for seniors, funding to end gun violence, 

And a $250,000 increase for "It's On Us PA" campaign, a statewide initiative to end sexual assault.

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