Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are now legally married. 

At their home in Los Angeles, California, the couple married on Thursday. For their wedding, both Spears 

and Asghari wore Versace outfits. While Asghari wore a black tuxedo, Spears wore a custom off-the-shoulder dress

with a thigh-high slit, a classic white veil, and sheer gloves, Spears wore a thigh-high slit. 

In an Instagram video shared on Friday, Donatella Versace showed a closer look at Spears' wedding dress.

The video reveals her dress had pearl buttons going down the back, matching the pearl-encrusted gloves she wore with it.

Also posted on Versace's website was a picture of Spears in her dress and other celebrities like Paris Hilton

Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore at the wedding. As well as more photos taken by Kevin Ostajewski

of Spears wearing her Versace ensemble, the magazine also revealed that she changed into three more outfits

a black minidress, a two-toned ensemble, and another red minidress.

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