New York Lt. Gov. Benjamin arrested in campaign donation scheme

New York - New York Lt. GOV. Brian Benjamin, the seven months in the role has been overshadowed by

The probe into the previous campaign, arrested on Tuesday in a federal corruption investigation.

Lawyer Office A.S. Said Benjamin was arrested on allegations of bribery, fraud wire honest service and forgery notes.

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Benjamin, before a state senator from Harlem, has joined the administration of Governor Kathy Hochul in September 

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He was chosen by him to fill his former job a few weeks after he stepped into the governor after his resignation of sexual. Andrew Cuomo alleged abuse.

But more than two months later, real estate developers who directed the campaign contribution towards 

Benjamin's failed offer for the New York City Comproller was charged.

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The Federal Authority accused Gerald Migdol, a lawyer and real estate developer in New York

A conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, and identity theft that illegally exacerbated to contribute to the Benjamin campaign.

In unfortified charges on Tuesday, Benjamin was accused of participating in the scheme to get a campaign 

Contribution from real estate developers in exchange for the Benjamin Agreement to use its influence as

A state senator to get a grant of state funds for non-profit organizations developer controlled.

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