800,000 Americans will receive direct payments this week worth up to $500 as cash restrictions are lifted

As cash restrictions are removed, 800,000 Americans will receive direct payments up to $500 this week.

The third round of relief payments will be distributed to New Mexico residents this week.

As part of the state's program to fight inflation and gas prices, they will receive either a $250 or $500 check.

There will be no effect on the amount of the cash payout based on a resident's income level, unlike the previous rebate.

Direct deposits will be made into residents' bank accounts in the first few days of August.

Non-filers had to apply by June 10 if they didn't file their taxes in 2021. Residents who filed in 2021 were eligible for the program.

For non-filers who did not apply for the program, they have until May 31, 2023 to file a 2021 personal income tax return.

A check will likely be mailed to those who do not receive a direct deposit.

Direct deposits will be made to approximately 525,000 residents first, and

paper checks will be mailed to roughly 300,000 residents later. Taxation and 

Revenue Department officials recommend that paper checks be distributed faster than the first payments.

KRQE reports that a bill passed by the governor and state 

legislators authorized direct cash payments to residents.

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