There are nine relief schemes available to millions of Americans this summer, including direct payments worth $300

This summer, thousands of Americans in Delaware will receive 

Direct payments worth $300. Cash-strapped residents can take advantage of 

Nine relief programs in the midst of inflation crisis, one of which is worth $240 million.

Delaware lawmakers agreed to send $300 to residents 

Who filed tax returns in 2020 or 2021. Finance secretary Rick Geisenberger 

Told Delaware Public Media that up to 150,000 people are still waiting on their $300 rebate checks.

The rebate has not yet been received by nearly 20 percent of taxpayers who qualify.

We are in the process of identifying other people in this state 

Where we have Social Security number information, and cross-referencing

that against people to whom we have already sent checks," said Geisenberger.

Residents are expected to receive checks between now and

October in the amount of 50,000 to 100,000.

There are financial packages available to citizens in states throughout the country.

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