The worst and best coronation songs from 'American Idol'By the year 2023, what will be the maximum income taxable under Social Security?

American Idol is the anthem.

It's something you know, right? Cliched slow-builders that float in midtempo purgatory with a checklist of cliches: Hope? You got it. 

Are you grateful? Yes. Are you inspired? It's done. Quality that lasts a lifetime? That's right.

Let us know when you can expect a response. Noah Thompson was crowned the new “American Idol”

in May, culminating the 20th season's kaleidoscopic finale with a shaky performance on center stage. 

While we can forgive middling performances, what about those weakly constructed "coronation" songs? That's all I have to say.

Some "Idol"-winning songs still win airplay, notably Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" and David Cook's "The Time of My Life."

What is the name of her crowning song, aside from the most dedicated Jordin Sparks fans? Does it belong to Caleb Johnson?

Fradiani's of Nick Fradiani?

It's okay, we understand. With the exception of Chayce Beckham, the first winner of "Idol" to write his song,

these all-purpose plug-and-plays are forgettable. This is actually a blessing with most of them.

"As Long As You Love Me," Johnson's Season 13 coronation song, was a "cheesy piece of crap," he told Insider.

"I knew you had to sing the song if you won, and it was just utter crap," Johnson said. There was nothing worse than that song.

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